It’s important to go into any type of wealth management plan with your eyes wide open. And it is vital that you understand the total costs and benefits of all actions recommended. Being champions of our industry we seek to build trust and work transparently from day one. And from day one we will ask the following of you:

  • Have you thought through what your goals and aspirations are? What is negotiable and what is non-negotiable?
  • Do you understand your cashflow and have you established a budget? Do you need help in this area?
  • Are you paying too much tax?
  • If you have debt, is it under control, or do you wish to use debt to accelerate your wealth growth?
  • Have you protected your most important financial asset – you. And if not, do you need help in this area?
  • What does financial wellbeing and independence look like for you? When do you hope to achieve these milestones?
  • How comfortable are you that you have adequate wealth to fund your retirement when you want to retire?
  • Are you time poor and do you need help to make a start and then keep you on track?