Our services are provided on a ‘Fee for Advice’ basis only, which means we do not take commissions from financial institutions on investment products.

Wealth Management Plan Fee

This fee covers the cost of our specialist staff; the significant professional responsibility we incur for preparing and implementing financial advice; and the detailed work undertaken to research and analyse your current situation and determine what steps should be taken to help you achieve your stated goals. It entitles you to ownership of the strategy outlined within the wealth management plan and covers the cost of Strategic Wealth’s intellectual property, experience and expertise. As a guide, our plan fees range from $4,400 to $16,500 (inc. GST).

Each fee is determined upon the complexity of the advice and the time taken, and will be submitted to you in writing in a Plan Proposal Letter prior to any agreement proceeding. The fee for the development of the plan will be fixed and will not change unless the scope of the work involved changes significantly. If you instruct us to proceed with implementing the plan, we may charge a separate implementation fee, but only in agreement and where your circumstances require. You will be advised of this before proceeding always ensuring full transparency, and tax efficiency. A good strategy poorly implemented can often undo the whole plan.

Ongoing fees to keep your plan on track

  • Strategic Review Fee
    Paid on a monthly basis, we ensure you’re on the best pathway to achieving your financial goals. We closely monitor your financial affairs, both short and long-term, and review your cashflow, insurances, assets, purchases, structures, investments, loans salary, share options and other areas in scope. We do this in line with the release of new financial products and market and legislative change and re-assess this against your plan, making appropriate recommendations as required to keep your plan on track. A formal review of your strategic plan is conducted on an annual or twice yearly basis depending upon the package you choose.
  • Portfolio Management Fee
    A Portfolio Management fee is paid when we manage your investment portfolio(s). The fee levied will be dependent upon the size of the portfolio, the complexity of the investment solution and the work involved to ensure that your portfolio remans appropriate for your needs and the market environment.
  • Private Wealth Management
    This project management fee covers highly complex plans that may require the use of external professional advisers. See Private Wealth Management.