Strategic Wealth appreciates the needs and concerns of retirees as they transition into an unfamiliar phase of their life. It is vital to understand how long your retirement funds will last while maintaining your desired lifestyle. Our team knows that available investment funds should be invested in the most tax effective structure. We do this by:

  • Understanding superannuation, the taxation implications, and by keeping conversant with legislative change
  • The right approach to investment - we can provide ongoing support for a range of investment approaches to ensure your portfolio remains highly diversified and the rewards are appropriate for the level of risk taken
  • Developing a retirement plan that is right for you – focused on providing you with a robust, stable income stream that allows you to live your desired lifestyle
  • Effective estate planning – one that tax effectively transfers your wealth to the next generation
  • Benefit from benefits and how social security entitlements may impact your overall retirement funding program
  • Medical care and support leading to retirement accommodation and how to fund such facilities