Strategically creating pathways to financial independence

We value our relationships with our clients and appreciate that there needs to be mutual understanding at the outset of connecting with you. Successful investing is a medium to long-term process that requires a long-term strategic approach. The results can only be achieved by getting to know one another and by working together

Establishing the elements of your current lifestyle and clearly defining your lifestyle goals is the first step to developing your financial plan. No matter how complex, we are able to sort through the facts, analyse your options and provide our findings and recommendations to you in a clear and concise way. We co-create your future in a financial roadmap that is both visual and informative, and importantly, simple and achievable.

We follow five key steps to develop your wealth management plan:

  1. Initial consultation - getting to know you and understanding what keeps you awake at night
  2. Future lifestyle definition - preparing a formal plan that details our understanding of your situation, how we can help you to meet your objectives, the specialist adviser that may need to be engaged, and our professional fees to create your plan
  3. Wealth plan consultation - we meet with you in the early stages to progress the development of your plan and create a report that includes visual/graphic elements
  4. Implement the plan - once you have agreed to the plan, we quickly coordinate and project manage all elements and recommendations
  5. Ongoing wealth consultation - a vital step to continue on your pathway to financial independence. We regularly review the strategies in line with legislative/market environment change and make recommendations based on this.