Estate planning is more than just preparing a will. It’s an important part of your overall financial plan and addresses the issue of appropriately distributing your wealth in a tax effective manner. After working hard all of your life to create the wealth you have, it is essential that it transfers smoothly to your chosen beneficiaries.

Estate planning involves managing the transition of wealth between generations. There are a number of important areas to consider including:

  • Preparing wills (both simple and complex and which may include the incorporation of testamentary trusts)
  • Selecting the executors of the estate
  • Developing superannuation death benefit nominations
  • Arranging enduring powers of attorney (financial, medical treatment and guardianship)
  • Creating philanthropic strategies.

Your needs are unique and planning is essential. It may be confronting, but we ask you to carefully consider questions about your goals and protecting your family’s future. Being champions of our industry, we seek to build trust and work transparently from day one so we can unearth all the information essential to making the right decisions.